We are professional paranormal investigators, and great friends.  We are not paid for our services, we volunteer them to help our community and people in surrounding areas.  We are not amateurs that learn from television shows.  We have had our own personal experiences with the paranormal, and have refined our skills and techniques through years of work in this field.  We know personally how hard it can be to ask for help when you are dealing with a haunting. But rest assured we are here to assist you every step of the way.  We take your word, and will believe you.  We will also work hard to find scientific reasons for what you are experiencing.  If what you are dealing with is paranormal, we will work to provide you with solid and credible evidence. We will also assist in any services you may need to deal with the activity in a positive manner.
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While searching through a practically infinite number of paranormal groups, you begin to think each one is just "another" paranormal group. And though many groups have fancy and well known names, we are more than a name. We concentrate on providing a credible and thorough investigation for anyone requesting our services.  We honor your privacy, and care about your concerns.  So though our name may state that we are, "Another Paranormal Society," we can assure you we are like no other.

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Maybe you have heard us mention investigations at the Killough Monument. But do
you know why paranormal teams travel from around the country to visit this site?  
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                                                that led to Killoughs infamy.
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